Daiwa Felicity Magnetic Knee Supporter

Daiwa Felicity Magnetic Knee Supporter



Wear our Magnetic Knee Supporter while exercising to support your knees and help prevent injury. If your knee has already sustained fatigue or an injury, this product also provides the extra support that it needs during the healing process. 32 magnets are sewn into this supporter. Available in four sizes (small, medium, large, x-large). 

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Support for Weak Knees

  • 32 Magnets Sewn inside

  • Easy to use & Comfortable to wear

  • Compress helps reduce swelling

  • Helps Promote Blood Circulation

  • Reduces Inflammation & eases pain


Size Chart

Size Knee
S 12.6-14 in 32-36 cm
M 14-15.3 in 36-39 cm
L 15.3-16.9 in 39-43 cm
XL 16.9-18.1 in 43-46 cm

Technical Specifications

Model Number: USJ-690
Small: 12.6 in - 14 in
Medium: 14 in - 15.3 in
Large: 15.3 in - 16.9 in
X-Large: 16.9 in - 18.1 in