Daiwa Felicity Back Care Supporter

Daiwa Felicity Back Care Supporter



The Daiwa Felicity Back Care Supporter was designed to strengthen and trim muscles around the waist and lower back. Use it while working out, performing household chores, or lifting heavy objects. Its compression and support will help alleviate back pain. It also retains the heat that your body generates, to help you sweat off excess water and achieve a slimming effect. Hook-and-loop closure provides easy, adjustable fit, and is available in four sizes:

Small (25 - 32" waist)
Medium (32.35 - 38" waist)
Large (38.25 - 44" waist)
X-large (44.25 - 50" waist)

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Technical Specifications

Model Number: USJ-790
Small: 25 - 32 in
Medium: 32.25 - 38 in
Large: 38.25 - 44 in
X-Large: 44.25 - 50 in