Twinkle Beads

Twinkle Beads



Twinkle beads come in a clear plastic cup and eliminate stale, pesky odors. Their fun, multi-colored beads brighten any room. Place one on your desk, in a corner of your closet, on your bathroom counter, or in your car. Works well inside drawers and cabinets as well. Available in 6 scents and colors: Citrus Medley, Ocean Breeze, Rose Garden, Sweet Peach, Floral Bouquet, Fresh Musk. 

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6 enchanting Scents

  • Eliminate stale, pesky odors!

  • Enjoy freshness everywhere!

  • Colored beads brighten any room!

  • Let refreshing scents whisk you away!

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 2.5
Product Weight: 5.3 OZ

Model Number: 
Citrus Medley- USJ-787C
Ocean Breeze- USJ-787B
Sweet Peach- USJ-787P
Rose Garden- USJ-787R
Floral Bouquet- USJ-787F
Fresh Musk- USJ-787M