Tropical Shiatsu Magnetic Insoles

Tropical Shiatsu Magnetic Insoles



Flexible plastic shoe inserts that combine acupressure, reflexology, and magnets to provide gentle and effective stimulation to the feet. Seven strategically-placed magnets and raised nodes stimulate reflexology points, alleviating mild to moderate foot discomfort and rejuvenating the entire body. Raised areas give arch support while 250 air holes provide ventilation, keeping feet cool. Available in four sizes (small, medium, large, extra large).

Please note: These are STRONG. New users may prefer to wear the sandals for a brief time each day to build up to wearing them full-time. The rounded acupressure nodules that stimulate the pressure points are made of a hard, durable plastic, and you will definitely feel the effect! Not suitable for those with very sensitive feet.

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Energize Your Feet

  • Improve Circulation

  • Promote Overall Health

  • Relieve Back Pain


Size Chart

Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
S 4-6 5-7
M 6.5-8 7.5-9
L 8.5-10 9.5-11
XL 10.5-12 12-13


Small: 4-6
Medium: 6.5-8
Large: 8.5-10
X-Large: 10.5-12

Technical Specifications

Model Number: USJ-504
Small: 5-7
Medium: 7.5-9
Large: 9.5-11
X-Large: 11.5-13