Vitality Plate



High-frequency vibration plate with a choice of multiple vibration modes, along with automatic programs and manual selection modes.

Boost your energy and burn large amounts of fat stored in your body – all with minimum stress on your joints and ligaments!

The Vitality Plate puts you in control of your workout at all times.  You select the vibration speeds and workout positions most suited to your personal training objectives.
Use the convenient remote control to select your preferred vibration.
This unit comes with three complete automatic vibration programs. Each program varies its vibrating speed every few seconds, in its own pattern.
The Vitality Plate also comes with two detachable resistance bands for your arms for an upper-body workout.

Suggested max load is 200 lbs. However this is only suggested. We would advise against use of this item if you are unsure if the max load will accommodate everyone.

The Vitality Plate is an easy, highly effective machine that you will use again and again.

• Strengthen Muscle
• Improve Balance
• Improve Circulation
• Tone & Tighten Skin
• Build Muscle
• Burn Excess Fat

Default Title - USJ-849