Twinkle Beads


USJ-787C  (Citrus Medley)
USJ-787B  (Ocean Breeze)
USJ-787R  (Rose Garden)
USJ-787P  (Sweet Peach)
USJ-787F  (Floral Bouquet)
USJ-787M  (Fresh Musk)

Eliminate stale, pesky odors!

Enjoy freshness everywhere!

Colors beads brighten any room!

Let refreshing scents whisk you away!


Place it on your desk, in a corner of your closet, on your bathroom counter, or on a back shelf in a storage cabinet.  

Toss it into the floor or trunk of your car.  Works well inside drawers and cabinets as well!


1.  Unscrew the plastic cap on top of the jar.

2.  Remove the protective seal.

3.  Screw the cap onto the jar.

4.  Place on a flat stable surface.

5.  Replace after one month.


Fresh Musk - USJ-787M
Ocean Breeze - USJ-787B
Citrus Medley - USJ-787C
Sweet Peach - USJ-787P
Rose Garden - USJ-787R
Floral Bouquet - USJ-787F