Swing Master



Chi Machine with a padded ankle cradle and variable-speed control.  Its swinging motion improves blood circulation, alleviates stress-related conditions, tones the body, and promotes overall well-being.     This mid-range Chi Machine will improve blood circulation and relax muscles, all while increasing your energy.  You control the speed that suits your individual needs and physical shape.  Take it with you anywhere! Keep one at your home or office to give yourself a soothing treatment whenever you need one.  This product comes with a comfortable padded ankle cradle, remote control and an automatic shut off timer are included.

    • Wired remote
    • Variable massage speeds
    • 15-minute timer (automatic shut-off)
    • Heavy-duty motor
    • Padded Vinyl ankle cradle

 Check out the Swing Master in action, here.

Swing Master - USJ-201