Steam Eye Mask


    USJ-846CC  (Escape)
    USJ-846CT  (Refresh)
    USJ-846LV  (Relax)
    USJ-846FL (Revive)

        • Available in 4 scents.
          • Escape: Island vibe coconut scent.
          • Refresh: Revitalizing citrus scent.
          • Relax: Calming lavender scent.
          • Revive: Pleasant floral scent.
        • Soothes and refreshes tired eyes with therapeutic heat.
        • Heats up to a comfortable temperature of 105ºF generating warm steam to ease tension in surrounding eye muscles.
        • Easy to carry and use while traveling, at work, or before sleep.
        • Provides relief from long hours at the computer, dry eye symptoms, and dark circles.
        • Each package contains 5 individually wrapped eye masks.

          Escape - USJ-846CC
          Refresh - USJ-846CT
          Relax - USJ-846LV
          Revive - USJ-846FL