Felicity Neck & Shoulder Massager



Deep relief for hard-to-reach neck, shoulder, and back muscles

This unit delivers vigorous, rhythmic percussion massage to penetrate aching muscles and relieve tightness, spreading relaxation throughout your body.

Reaches where other massagers can’t

This massager wraps naturally around your neck and shoulders for easy manipulation.  Slip your hands into its handles to raise and lower it all along your back.  The unit’s comfortable weight helps keep it in place as massage nodes work to loosen hard-to-reach knots within muscles.  Handles can be snapped into place for hands-free use.  

  • Strong tapping massage treatment for the ultimate relaxation
  • 3 automatic massage programs with synchronized rhythmic tapping
  • Choice of 9 massage intensity levels
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Overheat protection
  • Convenient 8-minute automatic shut-off function
  • Ventilation mesh design helps cool off unit upon continuous use
  • Powerfully built, yet lightweight

Neck & Shoulder Massager - USJ-799