Chi Swing



The Chi Swing is a basic massager for lower back relaxation and passive exercise.  Designed to balance the Chi force in the body, it swings the user’s legs back and forth to imitate the movement of fish as they swim.  This rocking motion moves the spine to effectively oxygenate, tone, and strengthen muscles, while stimulating internal organs.  The autonomic nervous system is stimulated, which encourages the body to drain its toxins.  At the same time, increased blood circulation promotes a strong immune system.

Systematic use of the Chi Swing results in stress reduction, restful sleep, increased energy levels, and an overall revitalization of the body. 

  • Single-speed adjustable timer (up to 15 minutes)
  • Convenient handheld controller
  • Durable plastic ankle cradle
  • Economical - great entry-level product

Chi Swing - USJ-202