Aroma Globe



Take the concept of air freshening one step further!

Typical air fresheners release new scents to cover up odors in the air.  The Aroma Globe takes a further step – it actually washes the air, using simple, pure tap water.  As dirty air flows through its dome, water traps harmful particles and removes unpleasant odors. Clean water particles are sprayed back into the air.  Every so often, simply pour out the used water, wipe dry, and refill with new tap water.

Use with our aroma oils to leave your favorite scent in the air.


  • Uses tap water to freshen and cleanse the air
  • Acts as a mini-humidifier
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors 
  • Colorful mood lighting within dome
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Combine with aromatic oils

Three aroma oils included:

  • Cherry Blossom (10ml)
  • Ocean Mist (10ml)
  • Jasmine (10ml)

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Aroma Globe - USJ-802