Air Med Deluxe



COLORS: Black, Green, Light Brown, Burgandy, Cream, Dark Brown, Gold, Gray, Grayish Blue, Grayish Purple, Royal Blue, Taupe
Rolling Massage
Rollers move along the spine with chiropractic massage action to lift and dispel fatigue.
Contoured Seat
Ergonomically designed seat supports your back and promotes a comfortable posture.
Dual Action
A combination of tapping and kneading massage actions delivers more effective and greater therapeutic results. The tapping and kneading functions can be adjusted to suit your specific massage needs and preferences.
Heat Therapy
Feel the calming, soothing effect of heat on sore muscles while enjoying an invigorating massage.
Air Massage
Blasts of air massage the thighs and lumbar region.  The palm pressure massage from air bags pushes, stretches, and relaxes the thighs and back muscles, aiding their recovery from fatigue and strains.
Vibration Massage
Micro-vibrators send rippling waves to penetrate muscles and soothe away aches and soreness.  Select your desired intensity of vibration, and feel tightness fade as these waves caress and invigorate your muscles, even as they stimulate your circulation.   
The innovative roller system of this revolutionary chair replaces traditional massage techniques.  Rollers move along the spine to deeply massage the spinal muscles, providing relief from aches and pain.  Add a vibration massage to loosen stiffness, stimulate circulation, and enhance energy.
  • Rolling Massage
  • Contoured Seat
  • Dual Action
  • Heat Therapy
  • Air Massage
  • Vibration Massage


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Black - L82-10
Green - L82-47
Light Brown - L82-23
Burgandy - L82-04
Cream - L82-73
Dark Brown - L82-26
Gold - L82-74
Gray - L82-81
Grayish Blue - L82-54
Grayish Purple - L82-66
Royal Blue - L82-55
Taupe - L82-67