Warranty Policy

    If your item was purchased through an authorized or third-party retailer, we do advise to contact the retailer directly to resolve the issue within their policies. If they are unable to assist please review our Warranty Policy below, and contact us for any further assistance.

    This policy is valid strictly for items purchased through the www.usjaclean.com website. We are more than happy to assist, please be aware not all policies below will be honored for items purchased through authorized or third-party retailers.

      • 1 yr. Labor, covered by U.S. Jaclean.
      • 2 yr. Parts, covered by U.S. Jaclean.
      • Valid proof of purchase needed for every item submitted for review.
      • A 20% restock fee will be applied for all returned items.
      • Store Credit will be issued for the remaining balance, after the restock fee, on all items accepted through the warranty policy.
      • No refunds are issued on approved warranty items.
      • U.S. Jaclean will cover return shipping cost to and from the customer on all replacement items for up to 1 year from date of original purchase.
      • Any replacement items will be covered under the remaining Warranty time frame based on the original purchase.
      • Any items taken out of U.S. borders automatically void any and all warranty and return policies and will not be honored for any reason.

      *U.S. Jaclean is solely responsible for items that are opened/used and there is an issue directly related to the manufacturing of the product. Any damage or harm caused by the incorrect use of any item does not fall under the policies of U.S. Jaclean, Inc.


      From Purchase Date

      0-30 days

      31-60 days

      61-90 days

      91 days-1 yr.



      Parts & Labor

      Parts & Labor

      Parts & Labor

      Parts & Labor


      Replacement Shipping Covered






      *U.S. Jaclean reserves the right to refuse any return or warranty claim if the required information for a return/warranty claim cannot be provided.


      If you would like to transfer ownership of the covered chair along with its coverage, our service provider requires that the request be supplied in writing.  The warranty will still remain valid for the new owner until the end of the original warranty period.  Please make sure to have all of the new owner's information at hand when requesting a transfer. The new owner must have a copy of the previous owner's purchase information.  There is also a $200 transfer fee.  For assistance please contact us directly.


      **Refurbished Items

      • Are only covered under a 90 day Warranty from the date of purchase.
      • Shipping is not covered on return to warehouse.