About Us

U.S. Jaclean, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer of products that foster personal health and well-being. Established in 1982, we produce and distribute an assortment of high-quality massagers, nutritional supplements, and health products that are both innovative and functional.  We are produce top of the line luxury massage chairs under our brand, Daiwa.  We strive to provide products that help consumers improve their quality of life.

Our Products

Our products are sold nationwide at gift shops, specialty stores, shopping malls, grocery stores, drugstores, and department stores. You can also purchase them through mail-order companies and Skymall magazine. Tourists can easily spot our products at airports, while any fitness-conscious consumer will find them at spa and massage centers across the country.

Our Location

Our main office and warehouse are located in the Southern California city of Gardena, fifteen miles south of downtown Los Angeles. We also have a branch offices in Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, and Washington.