Goodbye U.S. Jaclean brand, Hello Daiwa Felicity!

We are changing our brand to Daiwa Felicity! For 2018, we are officially making some changes to our branding and our logos to reflect our growth as a company and our future direction. We want everyone to be on board as we continue to grow! On our products, we will not use US Jaclean as a brand name any more. Instead, we will use Daiwa Felicity. 
However, U.S. Jaclean, Inc. will remain the formal name of our company. 



  • All products will be listed as “Distributed by U.S. Jaclean, Inc.”

  • Our company communications will still come from U.S. Jaclean.

  • Our vendors will still know us as U.S. Jaclean.

  • The brand of our products is either Daiwa Massage Chair or Daiwa Felicity.

The list of products below will be the first set of products that will have the new brand. Over the next month, we will be transitioning all of our marketing materials to reflect this new branding. We hope to eventually have all flyers, business cards, web materials, and packaging updated, although this will take some time. 

Model ID Old Name
No longer used after August, 2018
New Name
Starting August, 2018
USJ-722 U.S. Jaclean Tapping Pro Daiwa Felicity Tapping Pro
USJ-768 U.S. Jaclean Dual Tapper Daiwa Felicity Dual Tapper
USJ-841 U.S. Jaclean EZ Cycle Plus Daiwa Felicity EZ Cycle Plus
USJ-804 U.S. Jaclean Rodeo Core Daiwa Felicity Rodeo Core
USJ-875 U.S. Jaclean Square Bike Daiwa Felicity Square Bike
USJ-849 U.S. Jaclean Vitality Plate Daiwa Felicity Vitality Plate
USJ-868 U.S. Jaclean 2-in-1 Cross Stride Daiwa Felicity 2-in-1 Cross Stride>
USJ-859 U.S. Jaclean Home Steam Sauna Daiwa Felicity Home Steam Sauna
USJ-101 U.S. Jaclean Reflex Roller Daiwa Felicity Reflex Roller
USJ-105 U.S. Jaclean Roller Max Daiwa Felicity Roller Max
USJ-330 U.S. Jaclean Max Pro Daiwa Felicity Max Pro
USJ-815 U.S. Jaclean Vitality Swing Daiwa Felicity Vitality Swing
USJ-201 U.S. Jaclean Swing Master Daiwa Felicity Swing Master
USJ-202 U.S. Jaclean Chi Swing Daiwa Felicity Chi Swing
USJ-874 U.S. Jaclean Shogun Neck & Back Massager Daiwa Felicity Shogun Neck & Back Massager
USJ-862 U.S. Jaclean Reflexology Foot Massager Daiwa Felicity Reflexology Foot Massager
USJ-871 U.S. Jaclean Footvibe Pro Daiwa Felicity Footvibe Pro
USJ-843 U.S. Jaclean Ninja Leg Massager Daiwa Felicity Ninja Leg Massager
USJ-905 U.S. Jaclean Buckwheat Pillow Daiwa Felicity Buckwheat Pillow
USJ-911 U.S. Jaclean Sleep Eze Pillow Daiwa Felicity Sleep Eze Pillow
USJ-922 U.S. Jaclean Sleep Eze Pillow Thicker Daiwa Felicity Sleep Eze Pillow Thicker
USJ-825 U.S. Jaclean Sleep Eze Cool Gel Daiwa Felicity Sleep Eze Cool Gel
USJ-944 U.S. Jaclean Comfort Touch Pillow Daiwa Felicity Comfort Touch Pillow
USJ-808l U.S. Jaclean Wash Mate Deluxe - Modern Daiwa Felicity Wash Mate Deluxe - Modern
USJ-808s U.S. Jaclean Wash Mate Deluxe - Traditional Daiwa Felicity Wash Mate Deluxe - Traditional
USJ-846 U.S. Jaclean Steam Eye Mask Daiwa Felicity Steam Eye Mask

Our new logos reflect our vision for the future, and that includes you! Thank you for helping to make this expansion possible through your hard work and dedication.